Monday, April 14, 2008

A glance at my Daybook

For Today, April 14, 2008

Outside My Window...
Trees bending in the wind, silhouetted against a bright blue sky
I am thinking...about my little vegetable plot, the plants waiting to go in the ground, & the goodness I hope to harvest this summer
I am thankful for...God’s provision- we owe some tax money to the state & the side job my husband did this weekend covered the whole of the debt.
From the kitchen...Salmon filets, rice pilaf, & a seedless watermelon are waiting for the first cook to arrive home
I am creating...a tangled mess by frogging (for the third time) the beret I’ve been working on since January; first it was too small-more like a beanie; then the crown shaping went wonky & the cables were skewed; now it’s way too big & slouchy *sigh*
I am going...take a short walk this evening, to test out my new shoes on my suffering foot (plantar fasciitis)
I am reading... “The Enchanted April” by Elizabeth Von Arnim, “The Moving Finger” by Agatha Christie, & “Simple Abundance” by Sarah Ban Breathnach
I am get caught up on my work at the office, since looming deadlines disturb my peace of mind.
I am hearing...Bach’s “Suite #4 in D Major” playing over my computer speakers
Around the house...there are too many little piles of paper & clutter; we have all become lax about keeping things tidy
One of my favorite things...the rumbling, contented purr & crooked, gap-tooth smile of my littlest feline flower, Dahlia
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Venture back to yoga on Wednesday evening- I have to test out my left arm at some point; pull out some things for an impromptu garage sale this Saturday- the boy needs to raise some funds for a convention & the community-wide Spring Cleaning pick-up will be a week from Thursday; work on the very neglected quilt for the Women’s Ministries auction- I haven’t had the pieces out of the bag since November
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My Silly little Dahlia- I wish you could see her funny little smile

Please drop by Peggy’s blog, “The Simple Woman”, to join (or just read along) the other ladies as they take a snapshot of their day & focus on the simple things.


GardenGoose said...

hi Meg,
so glad you stopped by.
love little Dahlia..what a cute name and such a pretty little gal.
I hope you have a lovely week.

Jane-Fay said...

What's this? Another Megspot? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, I mean you being Ms. Overachiever of the decade and all... hehe.

Jane-Fay said...

I guess it was time you learned about the darker, less domestic side of blogger...

Lisa said...

Mrs. Meg, I, too, love empty vegetable pots and the promise they bring! Although, in the small apartment with little light, my planting and growing days are suspended. The very best of luck in yoga ... not too much "down dog" for you, I hope!

Amy said...

Wow, sounds like you are keeping on your toes, as per your usual. But it sounds like things are good at the same time. I am so ready to plant my vegetables too and enjoy the bounty of my labor. I was reading the other day about donating extra food to a food bank or homeless shelter and that just sounded like such a good idea. You know how it is with squash, green beens and tomatoes, you always wind up with too many. I'm excited to think of that!

Take care,

PlainJane said...

Sounds like a very busy week for you - or is that usual? lol Thanks for stopping by my place! Everybody calls our goats, sheep, but they are really Angora goats. They are prized for the mohair and are sheared twice a year. They will be sheared in a couple of weeks. Have a good day!

Joy said...

Cute picture of your kitty.
How can you read so many books at one time?

Dory said...

How are ya Meg? I miss you!! Seems like it's been forever since I talked to you. Which is so not true, but that's what it FEELS like anyway!

Carrie said...

Hiya Meg!
I'm going to have to jump in on this next week. Way cool.
Hope you're having a good week!
God bless :)

Beth Dargis said...

I love all those books! What an adorable cat with a lovely name.

Elizabeth said...

Love the photo of your kitty. Mine has similar coloring, only softer.

Your knitting adventures sound like mine. Getting that gauge just right is my bugaboo.