Saturday, May 26, 2007

Forget job security- I need sleep!

What do you call a cat that has swallowed a duck??

A duck filled fatty puss.

I survived the week; payrolls were posted (including ours), checks cleared, payments made, & general ledgers balanced; I didn’t receive a single irate call, only a couple annoying ones from my boss (“How are you doing? Is it busy?”); & best of all, my co-workers were intelligent enough to leave me completely alone (of course, the “Caution” tape & the printed sign stating “Unless you have cash or chocolate… GO AWAY!” helped a bit) I even managed to leave on time Friday- but promptly fell asleep when I got home. I wouldn’t want to do it again anytime soon, but running both jobs wasn’t as difficult as I was expecting; then again, I was really only doing the bare minimum of the other job, & no real problems popped up, as are wont to do on a regular basis.

Today, I decided to treat myself kindly; Chris had to go into work, so I was able to sleep peacefully until after 8:00, when I was forced to answer the call of nature. Our local Farmers’ Market opened a couple of weeks ago, moving to Saturday mornings, instead of Wednesday evenings, so headed downtown with my shopping bag to stock up- look at what I brought home!

It will be a couple more weeks before we are harvesting our own tomatoes, & a bit longer until I have squash to pick, so I couldn’t pass up these lovelies. Those little red berries on the towel are my weekly harvest of strawberries from my volunteer plant. And look what I got when I did my first test pull on the carrots- these are an heirloom variety, which are smaller & sweeter then what you would find in the store.

Sam went off with his buddy for the day, to help his family move their bookstore to a new location in town, so I spent the afternoon finishing the quilt top, doing a little knitting, & snacking on Rainier cherries (oh, are those thing addictive!) Dinner was a bowl of whole Crimini mushrooms & yellow squash, stir fried in a little olive oil, butter, garlic & sea salt, eaten while watching one of my absolute favorite movies, The Quiet Man.

Tomorrow, I’ve been invited to practice croquet with the Ravenswood team over at the property , so I’ll probably be driving into Livermore after church, then going over to the nursery; I need to put in some new parsley (mine all bolted), refresh some of the plants in the baskets (it got pretty warm & windy this past week), & I think I want to put some Gerber daisies or Zinnias out front. I also need some inspiration about filling that section of raised bed- Chris wants to put in more tomatoes, but I really think that 6 plants for 3 people- 1 of which doesn’t eat tomatoes- is overkill.

Oh, forgot to tell you- Sam passed his 1st Class Brown Belt exam; the belting ceremony was held on Thursday, but we were attending the annual tennis banquet (where he was awarded a Varsity Letter- he & his doubles partner were the only JV players to earn one) so he’ll have to wait a couple of weeks to receive his new standing.


Charity said...

I love your sign - I need to make one of those for me! Glad you survived, and hope you get a chance to rest up now! :0)

Stefaneener said...

Those carrots look fabulous (do you make mental lists for what to remember for next year's garden too?) and many congrats to Sam.

Daisy said...

Hi, you busy lady. Thank you for dropping by, it's really nice to meet you.They certainly do look like a fine set of veggies, i'd be pleased if my allotment veg are half as good.
Croquet on the lawn, did you enjoy it? I love it, it's such fun - best played in a victorian frock with cane under hoops!!!(But thats another story!!)
Big well done to Sam, the clever thing.
Do drop by and chat again. xxxxx

Daisy said...

P.S Can I add you to my list of "Nice to visit places" please? xx

Andrea said...

Well, hello there:) Yes, I have moved around a bunch, but I think I have finally found someplace that I actually like! I don't know why it seems like everyone else has no problems with blogger except for me??

I also love the farmers market. We have such a cold climate that it doesn't even start until around the end of July/beginning of August. Looks like you came home with a whole lot of loot:)

Daisy said...

No sooner mentioned than done - were a link! Like you, I don't get a vast amount of traffic. I'm very new to blogging (only started the begining of May) and as yet I havn't posted any photos of any of my "makes". Maybee I'm imagining it but, bloggers who post lots of "I made this" pictures seem to get more hits. (In truth, they are probably far more interesting to read than my random drivvle!!!)
Children eh, who'd have 'em. How old are yours?
Do let us know how the croquet went, it's such fun. xxxx

Tammy :):):) said...

YUM! Fresh stuff! No, you can not have too many tomatoes. The games sound like a lot of fun! Glad your 2 job week is over. Nice catching up!