Monday, May 21, 2007

Coming up for air

I have a few minutes, so I thought I’d check in with you all.

  1. We didn’t make it to dance rehearsal on Monday; I came home from work with an upset stomach & blinding headache, so we stayed home. Unfortunately, this may bump us out of the performances this weekend- our teacher gets a bit wound-up over these things & freaks if everyone doesn’t make it to every practice- guess we’ll find out Friday evening. Chris met Sam over at the high school to watch tennis practice, & found Sam at the track, learning how to pole vault from his “girlfriend’s” (they are so on-and-off, I don’t know anymore) coach & apparently doing pretty well.

  2. Speaking of tennis, the boy’s team season ended last week, with a 1-8 match loss in the first round of sectional play-offs. TCAL & SJCC divisions play a 3 singles, 2 doubles match format, while the other N. CA divisions play a 6 – 4 format, so even though they were JV & only played 2 varsity games all season, Sam & his doubles partner were able to compete in the playoffs (they are the team’s 3rd ranked doubles). While they lost their match 2-8 games, the guys were happy with their performance & pretty well pleased with the whole season. Sam is already planning for next season (while fielding requests to go out for track & field) by signing up for classes with the city Parks & Rec (where he takes Karate) & researching tennis camps in the area to build his skill level.

  3. I still wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday, so I stayed home from work; in between naps, I put together 4 out the 6 quilt blocks I need for the baby quilt, & sat out on the patio, with my legs in the sun, reading my book. The younger girls came out with me, exploring the new plants, watching the bugs & birds, & enjoying either a sunbath on the table or some lap time with Mom. Daisy went in for her re-check; her weight is up & her water intake is down slightly (both good things), but her blood sugar is still too high, so we have to increase her insulin doses & take her back next week.

  4. The Celtic Woman concert was awesome! It was held in San Jose, about 70 miles from here, so we left at 4:45 since we had to deal with commute traffic into downtown. Surprisingly, it only took 15 minutes longer than usual, so we had plenty of time for dinner (at Johnny Rockets- it was okay, nothing special) & wander around- neither of us has been in the downtown area since it was reclaimed during the tech boom, & everything is upscale & clean. The concert was held at the Civic Auditorium & our seats were pretty decent for “freebies” (I got them for renewing my pledge support to one of the local PBS stations)- 10 rows back, in the lower level dress circle, so poor Chris brought his binoculars for nothing. The best thing, besides the beautiful music, was that the show was not a carbon copy of the PBS special; they did new music, old music, & some personalized special pieces, all with enthusiasm & energy. I would highly recommend seeing the show if you can. I knew we wouldn’t get home until late (around 11:30) so I arranged to go in late today & Chris has 4 days off, so we slept in & went out for coffee before dropping my car at the shop.

This has taken all day to get done, so I’d best post & finish up my work, since Chris is on his way to pick me up. Have a great Friday & weekend!

Update: Oops! got it all written, but forgot to post it :-(


suzee said...

Sounds like a lovely few days! Hope you and kitty are feeling well, if not now, then soon.

When can we see the quilt?

Mrs. Staggs said...

Well goodness, I'm glad there's been a little bit to cheer you up a bit. You've been dealing with a lot around your home lately. The concert sounds really nice.
I hope you are feeling much better now.
Best wishes.

Charity said...

Sounds great! I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. :0)