Sunday, April 08, 2007

See- I do to know how to relax

va·ca·tion (noun) break from work- a period of time devoted to rest, travel, or recreation


Despite my “Energizer Bunny” image around Blogville (wholly & truly undeserved- see here), I have been markedly non-productive on my first two days of vacation, per the directive of my many friends who come to visit. I suppose “non-productive” is not really precise- “pleasantly occupied” would be more accurate.

Saturday started slowly- I’d been up half the night due to a loud party next door (the second in as many days). I kept hoping they would knock it off, but at 3:30 am, I finally called the police & within 15 minutes all was silent. I managed to sleep until after 8:00 & puttered around the house, doing a little cleaning & straightening, watering the plants front & back, then read the paper while enjoying some tea (my new favorite- Harney & Sons “Bangkok”, green tea with coconut, lemongrass, & ginger). After Sam got up & received his assignments for the day, I took advantage of the pleasant weather, walked over to the gym & had a decent workout (as my arms & legs will attest to today). I spent the afternoon doing some shopping for fun; I brought myself some new clothes, looked around for some shoes (no luck, but I’m pretty picky because of the arthritis), picked up a new book at B & N, & wrapped up at the garden center, picking some plants for out front & more potting soil. I picked up some fried chicken & fixings for supper, & we watched PBS for the evening, turning in before 10:00 pm - thankfully, blessed silence from next door!

Resurrection Sunday was pleasantly low-keyed. We didn’t do a big Easter production this year; instead, three people gave their testimonies about God’s work in their lives, interspersed with four songs by the choir, all following the theme “Some People Change”. I sang lead through both services, so I was able to absorb the words being spoken; I found myself in tears, hope flickering in my heart that my prodigal will return to the Lord. You know how I fear for her, but I have to consciously put thoughts & worries about her problems aside, daily handing them over to the Father, because there is nothing else I can do. I had to decide a while back to let it go, to the point of avoiding her company; otherwise the enemy will use my concern to rob me of joy & peace.

Anyway, the rest of the day was relaxed; Sam & I went out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse- I had the biggest chicken-fried steak I’ve ever seen; it completely filled the oval platter & hung over each side by an inch! After we managed to make a dent in all the food, we strolled over to Sears to poke around & left with some clothes for Sam. I took a nap with the girls for a couple of hours, then called Chris in Texas. He spent the day with the shop’s general manager & his family, going to church & then having dinner at their home. He says it’s a really nice location, with a brand new, fully equipped facility- they just don’t have any employees. He’s been working 10 hours a day, trying to get enough units ready to fill the bookings for the rest of the month, while they hopefully hire & train some staff. Other then the extreme cold, which was completely unexpected, & the ongoing drought situation, he says he really likes the area; I reminded him that we are not going to even consider a move anywhere until Sam is out of high school! (His family has been after us for two years to relocate to Oregon- I finally had to decree, in true Queenly fashion, that the subject is forbidden until the end of 2009).

Well, the neighbors are having another party- but as there are children present this time, I have great hopes that it will wrap up at a reasonable hour. Tomorrow morning, I’m off to the Bay Area with a group of Ravenswood docents for a meeting at Shinn House, another period museum in Fremont, & then maybe a bit of antique shop browsing- then again, I may just come home & put in my new plants, or do a little sewing, or maybe I’ll just sit on the patio in the sun, reading my book. Ahhh- see, I do listen on occasion.


Tulabell said...

MMMMM chicken fried steak! Now you got my mouth waterin' honey!

Tulabell said...

Did I mention that is something I haven't had since the inception of my diet 10 months ago???? I think I'll be gettin' me some of that next time we go out! Why not?

suzee said...

THREE THIRTY? You are one patient, patient soul.

Enjoy that vacation, and fingers crossed for sun for you! The rain seems to have gone away.