Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hey, I remember you!

Dropping back in briefly; the past couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least :-/
The little bit of work needing to be done in our new house (Lordy, how I love saying that!) is progressing, but time to put it into overdrive~ Chris is being sent on work trip starting April 26th, so both places need to be ready before he leaves.
The hammer finally fell at work last Friday~ changes are underway & I'm feeling cautiously optomistic, but emotions were running pretty high all around me. Of course, this happened six hours before we flew out to Washington DC; part of me felt bad about not being on hand to help during the intial shock & adjustment period, but the rest of me is rejoicing that I've been far away from the tears, fears, & handholding.
Our trip was wonderful~ the weather was perfect, got to see the main things we wanted to & stumbled on some great surprises, & not a single injury :-D I'll share more later, but right now I need to eat, clear out the email inbox, & head over to the house to stain my kitchen cabinets.

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Becca said...

Glad the house is going well.
Glad the job is going well.
Sounds like a wonderful trip!