Monday, March 23, 2009

Great start to the work week...

I left the house a bit late this morning, locked both doors, loaded all my stuff into the car- purse, knitting bag, tote with my lunch/bills/book/assorted crap I carry around, briefcase with work I had brought home for the weekend (don't judge me!)- when I realized I'd left my brain function & morning perkiness, which masquerades as a large travel mug of hot tea, on the counter.

Instead of walking down the sidewalk, up the driveway & onto the porch, I cut across the lawn instead, to save a few seconds...& promptly stepped in a large pile of dog poop. Dog face

Fresh poop. Sick

And we don't have a dog.Baring teeth

Gotta love a Monday morning. Eye-rolling

Fortunately, the first email I opened- when I finally got to my office- was from my mother & included a link to this video; I've seen it before, but it was just the thing to balance the mood scales again Open-mouthed

Then of course, we have to have the Dad version

Enjoy your Monday!


Junie Moon said...

My Monday has been pretty innocuous in comparison to your experience. Dog poop, icck -- and it's not even yours. Anyway, thanks for the video links, very fun!

Becca said...

What a way to start a Monday. I hope that today is better! Go check out my vids on the blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks goodness I'm not the only one who sounds like this in the mornings.... (from: Castlelight on Ravelry...