Friday, March 23, 2007

More Arrivals

Well, our new resident has been accept & assimilated into the Garden staff; I wish I had been able to get a picture of Daisy, taking a nap right next to him, but every time I turned on the camera, she woke up & stalked off. He is currently hanging out on the picnic table in the backyard, enjoying the sun & hopefully getting acquainted with Fred; I plan on settling him among the vegetable in the raised bed. I haven’t named him yet- I was toying around with Percy or Jeeves, but I’m open to suggestions.

The weather has remained comfortably warm this weekend, so we took full advantage of it; Sam & I walked over to the gym Saturday morning for a workout, then I got my hanging baskets planted with the new purchases, while Sam went over to the tennis courts to practice with some teammates. A cold front is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday; of course, Chris will be coming home on Wednesday & will be greeted by temps in the low 60’s & rain, poor thing. I talked to him tonight & he is soooo ready to be home; he has worked 13 of the past 14 days, & will have at least one day off when he gets home- maybe two or even possibly a long weekend.

The first big event of the weekend was the arrival of our new washer & dryer; let me introduce Wally the Washer & Drake the Dryer!


Why do they have masculine names? Because around here, cleaning is a gender-neutral activity; besides, most of the clothes going thru them will belong to men. (Notice the stainless steel interior & the drying rack- YIPPEE!!!)The installers came right on schedule & were done within an hour, including hauling out my old set. The only wrinkle in the whole process is that Drake is making occasional scraping noises while running; the store manager already has a call into Frigidaire to get a technician out to fix or replace it.

The second big event was a visit from my friend who coordinates the exchange student program. Yes, you guessed it- we will be having another short-term student. This will be a really short visit; the students arrive this Saturday & will return on April 3rd. The boy we will be hosting is 14 years old, has taken 3 years of English, & practices the martial art of Kendo (which Sam tinkers in) & enjoys playing tennis. I’m sure the boys will get along famously, but if not, it’s only for 10 days.

Beyond that, it has been a quiet couple of days, for which I’m truly grateful. I’ve been able to work on the church quilt a bit, since I had to miss the meeting last Tuesday- between work, getting my haircut, & hauling clothes to the Laundromat, I just couldn’t swing it. I did decide to buy a second, small sewing machine, to use at the quilting group- my Pfaff is a great machine & I love sewing with it, but it weights over 30 lbs, so it isn’t very portable. I also did a little knitting, finishing the first of my Tofutsie toe-up socks & starting the second one. The highlight of the day was taking a nice, long nap, with the girls spread out around the bed. Ahhh, the simple pleasures; Thank you Lord, for the peaceful moments & rest You give.


Caroldee said...

HI Caroldee here came over from SPaces to see your blog..verrry nice...I love the pictures of the plants below.. will be some time for sure before things can get planted here..there is talk of snow flurries again in Mich next week.. DRAT! Have a great day!!

CAROLDEE said...

PS thats the kind of cat I like too the one that doesn't shed..hah very allergic to them here...your home is quite a menagery of animals... : )